Connection Module, Cat.6A ISO, 1 x RJ45, shielded
RJ45 connection module of Cat.6A ISO, for the setting up of transmission channels of Class EA with up to 4 plugged connections acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 ed. 2.2, June 2011, EN 50173-1 May 2011 (DIN EN 50173-1) and Class F on 2 pairs, complies with Cat.6A requirements of the standards ISO/IEC 11801 ed. 2.2, June 2011, EN 50173-1 May 2011, as well the U.S. standard Cat.6A according to TIA 568-C.2, re-embedded tested in acc. with IEC 60603-7-51 and 60512-27-100, interoperable and backwards compatible with Category 6 and Category 5e.
Suitable for 10GBASE-T applications in acc. with IEEE 802.3™ Section Four up to 500 MHz and 100 m.
Tested in line with R&M's manufacturing control, performing 100% inspection.
Compatible with RJ standard plugs (RJ11, RJ12, RJ45), connection with automatic wire cutting of installation cables AWG 26 – 22 (0.4 mm – 0.65 mm) and flexible cables AWG 26/7 – AWG 22/7 without special tools. X-Separator for individual pair shielding. Parallel pair termination without crossover in acc. with TIA 568-A/B, gold-plated bronze contacts for >1000 mating cycles, IDC contacts with >20 insertion cycles, contact resistance <5 mOhm, dielectric strength >1000 Veff. PoE and PoE+ compatible according to IEC 60512-99-001. 90° wire orientation without bending cable. With integral cable strain relief, including dust cover. Shield contacting by patented shield lance with integral cable strain relief, shield material tin-coated bronze, ground contacting through 1 contact finger for flat connectors 4.8 x 0.5 mm. 
Material: halogen-free and heavy-metal free in acc. with EU directives RoHS 2.
Connection module Cat.6A ISO, shielded, with EMC cover, dust cover, mounting plate, cable tie and installation instructions. 

Technical data

Scope of supply :

  • RJ45 Cat.6A ISO connection module, shielded
  • Mounting plate
  • EMC cover
  • Dust cover
  • Cable tie
  • Installation instructions

Standardisation : IEC 60603-7-51: Electrical Characteristics of the Telecommunication Outlets; ISO/IEC 11801 ed. 2.2: June 2011; EN 50173-1: May 2011; 
Connector class : Connection module 
Connector type (A) : RJ45 
Category connector (A) : Cat.6A ISO 
Shielding - connector (A) : Yes 
Holder for connector / module : Support Plate 
Color : red 
Material : housing plastic: PC, UL 94 V-0 
Wiring diagram : TIA 568-A / TIA 568-B 
Poles : 8 

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Certificates (GHMT No P2167a 09 D) 15 10 2014 PDF
Datasheet (Connection Module Cat 6A ISOs) 22 06 2015 PDF
Certificates (3P No 110719) 15 10 2014 PDF
Installation Instructions (Module Cat 6A ISO S) 19 06 2014 PDF